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Hello and welcome to my website

The website was very outdated and need to be refreshed.
Date at the moment is januari the 4th 2017.
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This website about Fly fishing and Fly tying brings you around the world.

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Fish Specie pages

These pages contains info about the specific species you are looking for. Every fish specie has it's own page, with info about the flies and equipment you could use to catch them. From Roach to Tarpon and Jungle perch to Brown trout.
It is my intention to collect many fish species as possible on which you can fly fish.

Fish-species Main page
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Zander or Pike-perch
Where does this site comes from?
This website comes from the Netherlands. A country where fly fishing is growing and growing. The Netherlands has many different possibilities where you can fly fish. From the North Sea shore you can catch Flathead mullet (rare?), Sea bass, Atlantic mackerel, garpike, Twaite shad, Sea trout (rare), Flounder and European plaice. These fish species are caught with fly fishing that i know. About Whiting, Atlantic cod, Saithe and Pollack are species i do not know if they are ever caught with a fly fishing rod in the Netherlands. We need more pioneers. About the two big freshwater lakes in the center of the Netherlands. The names of the lakes are "IJsselmeer" and "Markermeer". "Meer" stands for lake. The species are Roach, Ide, European perch, Common bream, White bream, Asp, Flounder, Common carp, Flathead mullet (rare?), Pike-perch and Northern pike. Fly fishing for Flathead mullet is quite hard and difficult. Most are accidently caught. A specie who needs more exploration on feeding and which fly to use.
Read more on the Netherlands and About me page.

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